Section 4 - Mining Roof Bits

Roof Bits

Towanda Metadyne, Inc. manufactures coal mining roof bits to an in-house standard nomenclature. A part number made from the physical details of the roof bit is developed as follows:

Length (in inches) x Height (in inches) x Thickness (in inches) x Special Comment

Example: A roof bit with a length of 1.000", height of .400" and a thickness of .180" would be defined as: 1000 x 400 x 180 (see sketch).

Mining Roof Bit Formula

Special Comments:


  1. The above standard is a general classification of the part's physical configuration.
  2. To request pricing and availability, please supply a part print or detailed physical dimensions and required tolerances.
  3. See Towanda Grade listing for available grades of Tungsten Carbide. Special grades available upon request.


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