Company Profile

Towanda Metadyne, Inc. is a manufacturer of Precision High Tech Materials and Components. Metadyne was established in 1984 and located in Elmira, NY. During the first few years of operation, Metadyne devoted major thrust on Research & Development of advanced tungsten and molybdenum alloys. (In the early 1990's Metadyne expanded the product offering to tungsten carbide and specialized in wear and mining applications.) In 1995 Metadyne outgrew its Elmira facility and moved to a newly constructed larger facility in Towanda, PA thus forming Towanda Metadyne, Inc.

Today, Towanda Metadyne's core business is the manufacturing of Cemented Carbide inserts for the mining, construction, lumber, woodworking, deburing and metal removal industries. Flexibility and versatility, two words not commonly associated with manufacturing companies, are the foundational keys to the success of Towanda Metadyne, Inc. Along with the core business of cemented carbide, Towanda Metadyne, Inc produces a wide range of tungsten, molybdenum, and alloys to serve a broad array of industries, which include defense, medical (X-Ray), electronic, and aircraft applications.

The manufacturing process employed at Towanda Metadyne, Inc is a vertically integrated process giving superior control of product quality, production lead times, and containment of costs. Powder manufacturing is the first step of the Towanda Metadyne, Inc process with the formulation of custom powders meeting stringent material specifications and processed with exacting process controls. Finished powders are tested using the latest powder laboratory equipment giving you the assurance of the highest quality powder for your product.

The powder is next released to the pressing area. Towanda Metadyne has the versatility of cold and hot isostatic pressing along with mechanical pressing up to 50 tons. Over 600 tool sets are currently available to meet the demands of our customers. Close control of the pressing parameters ensures the components will be dimensionally correct.

High temperature sintering is accomplished by using vacuum sintering furnaces capable of temperatures of 2100°C. Each furnace is computer controlled adding to the flexibility and overall precision of this step. Towanda Metadyne’s comprehensive in-house laboratory provides dimensional and metallurgical testing for each sintering run. Conventional machining and grinding equipment round out our manufacturing operation.


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