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Our vertically integrated operation enables superior control of product quality, production lead times, and containment of costs. We start with the formulation of custom powders meeting stringent material requirements and exacting process controls. Finished powders are tested with state-of-the-art analytical equipment to ensure the highest quality product.
Once verified, the spray-dried powder is released to the pressing area. Our facilities have the versatility of robotically controlled mechanical presses  or manual presses for smaller jobs including cold and hot isostatic pressing. Tight control of pressing parameters ensure consistent dimensional attributes. Over 1,500 tool sets, and 4,000 unique part numbers.
High temperature sintering is accomplished by using vacuum sintering and sinter/HIP furnaces capable of temperatures of 2100°C. Each furnace is computer controlled to add flexibility and overall precision. Towanda Metadyne’s comprehensive quality lab provides dimensional and metallurgical testing for each sintering run. Precision machining and grinding equipment round out the manufacturing operation.